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My blog blew up, and Tech support is severely understaffed (IMO). I have no choice but to redirect everyone here http://cedarraven.blogdrive.com/

Please UPDATE your info.


I finally got to it today.  And it feels done! Though it looks a bit different in this upload, not as intense. I painted this specifically for the show this weekend which is also titled "Signs Of Spring." There is a lot of surface detail so do click on the image to see the larger size.

I put the two side by side, so the before & after can be compared. A few things needed addressing: The rocks were too similar in size & visual weight, and needed to be pushed back a bit. The focal point (plant) was too small, practically disappearing. It looks better now, don't you think?

Site Issues 03/09/2008

Just a quick note to share (whine, gripe, weep & wail)  about my blog issues.

I lost my sidebar. I have no idea how that happened, but I can't figure out how to get it back.

And tech support . . . apparently occupied elsewhere.

I hope to get this figured out this month!


EDM via Workshop 03/09/2008

This is part of my display board for the workshop I'm leading this Saturday (Mar15). Lo and behold! I see some EDM challenges in there!

# 22 Draw a piece of clothing. (The belt counts, right?)

# 32 Draw something metallic. (Ha!)

# 60 Draw an autumobile, or part of one,

# 121 Draw some coins

# 151 Free choice. (A watch, a hinge and a number)

Ok! *swiping palms* Thats that! Now I don't feel so guilty about the recent  ignoring of my EDM list.

Signs of Spring 03/03/2008


I bought some supplies Thursday to make more textured surfaces. Friday I found a beautiful rock wall dripping with icicles and snapped a few shots (Ok, it was more like 80). Saturday I mucked about with various papers, a couple of canvas boards (9x12) and a stretched canvas (8x10).  and created some new surfaces, one of which is shown here. Which brings me to Sunday. . .

The surfaces are now dry and I can start a painting. One of those materials I bought last Thursday was GAC, which was recommended to mix with Fluid Acrylics and even acrylic inks instead of water. Two things:  #1. GAC makes your paint shiny. I've now determined I detest high gloss when painting. It was SO distracting.  I had to move the board to reduce reflection, and I never could see my whole painting due to glare! #2. The drying time of my paint actually decreased! I use a nib when I paint and the paint was thickening from drying up, so I had to keep adding water (a lot cheaper than GAC!) AND . . . as I had premixed all my colours, with a splash of GAC of course, I had to finish my painting in ONE SITING just to keep my paints alive!

It is now Monday morning. 4:30 AM.  *YAAAAWWWWWWNNNNNN*

So here it is. The finished (all in one sitting) painting.

I am OFF to bed!!! And I am not cleaning up a thing. Those paints can now dry in their pots for all I care!