Cedar Raven

EDM via Workshop 03/09/2008

This is part of my display board for the workshop I'm leading this Saturday (Mar15). Lo and behold! I see some EDM challenges in there!

# 22 Draw a piece of clothing. (The belt counts, right?)

# 32 Draw something metallic. (Ha!)

# 60 Draw an autumobile, or part of one,

# 121 Draw some coins

# 151 Free choice. (A watch, a hinge and a number)

Ok! *swiping palms* Thats that! Now I don't feel so guilty about the recent  ignoring of my EDM list.


It rained today! We have 6 ft high heaps of snow on each side of our driveway and it rains! Stay at home weather to be sure! And PERFECT for painting or catching up on some EDMs! Watercolours and acrylic inks.

On High 02/05/2008

EDM # 142 draw something hot

Hey! Who turned on my sketchbook? (I suspect the toothbrush.) Even though the shadows are more decorative than right, I'm happy with this one. (The colour is actually more intense in the original) Pencil crayons, acrylic ink, pigma micron marker 02 black.


EDM # 92 draw a paper bag

Applied a layer of charcoal first then used an eraser to create the hilights. Botched the background so covered with acrylic (purple...slim choices to be had) I don't mind the top of the bag, but the bottom looks very flat.

Call 911 02/04/2008

EDM # 39

2008/02/04 Medium failure. Sure, thats what happened. This thing was no longer breathing on its own. First I applied watercolour, then pencil crayon, a injection of acrylic ink, more water colour, and a final black pigma micron 02.......*CLEAR*.......beep beep beep hummmmmm...

You can only do so much, then you have to pull the plug.


EDM # 144 draw a square

2008/02/04 Juggling square by Klutz. pencil crayons, acrylic ink, pigma micron 02 black, water colour.

Lunch! 02/04/2008

EDM # 156 draw your favorite sandwhich

2008/02/03 Just under the wire at 11:55 pm! Confessions: this is not my favorite sandwich. My fave is peanut butter and honey. BUT, I also love healthier alternatives, so this is an open face Greek pita, roast turkey, cheddar cheese, leaf lettueces and mayo...grilled in the ol' George Forman. 

Post Title. 02/02/2008

EDM # 1 draw a shoe.

You guessed it. I didn't want to contend with laces, at least, not at 1 am.

Post Title. 02/02/2008

EDM # 77 draw something cool.

I wanted to play a bit more with my acrylic inks. Water colour wash on top.

Post Title. 02/02/2008

Just a quickie sketch for EDM #113 draw a fence.