Cedar Raven


I finally got to it today.  And it feels done! Though it looks a bit different in this upload, not as intense. I painted this specifically for the show this weekend which is also titled "Signs Of Spring." There is a lot of surface detail so do click on the image to see the larger size.

I put the two side by side, so the before & after can be compared. A few things needed addressing: The rocks were too similar in size & visual weight, and needed to be pushed back a bit. The focal point (plant) was too small, practically disappearing. It looks better now, don't you think?

Signs of Spring 03/03/2008


I bought some supplies Thursday to make more textured surfaces. Friday I found a beautiful rock wall dripping with icicles and snapped a few shots (Ok, it was more like 80). Saturday I mucked about with various papers, a couple of canvas boards (9x12) and a stretched canvas (8x10).  and created some new surfaces, one of which is shown here. Which brings me to Sunday. . .

The surfaces are now dry and I can start a painting. One of those materials I bought last Thursday was GAC, which was recommended to mix with Fluid Acrylics and even acrylic inks instead of water. Two things:  #1. GAC makes your paint shiny. I've now determined I detest high gloss when painting. It was SO distracting.  I had to move the board to reduce reflection, and I never could see my whole painting due to glare! #2. The drying time of my paint actually decreased! I use a nib when I paint and the paint was thickening from drying up, so I had to keep adding water (a lot cheaper than GAC!) AND . . . as I had premixed all my colours, with a splash of GAC of course, I had to finish my painting in ONE SITING just to keep my paints alive!

It is now Monday morning. 4:30 AM.  *YAAAAWWWWWWNNNNNN*

So here it is. The finished (all in one sitting) painting.

I am OFF to bed!!! And I am not cleaning up a thing. Those paints can now dry in their pots for all I care!


I had this lovely surface which I want to play with this weekend, and here are the results! I wish I had scanned in the surface before I painted on it, but I sort of forgot to as I was concentrating rather hard on just how I was going to apply the acrylic inks, and if I was going to limit my palette etc, etc. (I had recently added blue and yellow to my inks collection, and as I really cannot resist new art materials the inevitable choice was to use them all! )

Creating the heavily textured surface involves applying acrylic gel to a canvas board (can also be done on a stretched canvas), soaking paper (ie watercolour paper) larger than the board, then laying the paper on the board, lining up the edges, and shaping/manipulating the paper for a raised texture. Here I manipulated the paper to form a tree. It was sheer luck that the paper also formed a lovely raised shadow. The gel itself contributed to the texture of the grassy areas.    

Now, if you don't get the gel on the front of the watercolour paper you can use it for watercolours. Othewise, use acrylics or markers, pencils, pastels, etc. I used only acrylic inks  for this painting.

 You can use any acid free paper (or material), any weight (just lengthens or shortens the soaking times), or tissue paper which you don't soak. Smooth paper, like cardstock gives you nice stiff peaks. Softer paper, like tissuepaper, gives a smaller more delicate or fine texture (which can be observed in this painting.)

Use a heavy gel medium for less water content and quicker drying time. (Gesso is not a sealer.) But you should use a sealer or varnish upon completion.

If you wish to comment on this painting go back up to the top of the picture.

Thanks for looking!

Dales Totem 02/17/2008

2008/02/15 Just finished Friday. *whew* This one took a week and a bit to do. The fourth of 6 pieces slated for a show. I've got one more to paint (from scratch), and one more to finish! 8.5 in. x11 in. watercolours and acrylic inks on canson cold press 140 lb.


"Waseosa Waiting"

2008/02/10 Usually I have something everyday (like an EDM) to post, but I have been working away on this instead. My 2008 goal is to work for 300 or more days this year. So far, I am 38 out of 40! (Yay me!) This water colour and acrylic ink painting was done from a photograph I took a week ago today on Lake Waseosa. 8.5"x11"

Potted 02/06/2008


2008/02/06 I painted 4 of these watercolours today. This is the least disastrous of them all. I did discover some things I very much liked, so that was worth 2 full sheets of Canson 140 lb cold press I'm sure! 10"x15" (half sheet)

Winter Skies 02/03/2008

2008/02/03 More work with acrylic inks and water colour. The colour is not spot on here, there should be a hint more ochre/burnt umber. Painted from a photo I took a couple of days ago. 8.5 x 11 inches on Canson Aquarelle 140lb.